Home And Garden Products For Worldwide Markets


Strata manufactures a wide range of home, office and garden products for both the UK and world markets and is one of the main suppliers of showering cans, water cans, containers of compost, decorative planters and growing accessories.

In addition to manufacturing a wide range of robust and attractive storage boxes for the home and office, including a variety of flexible tubs and baskets in different colors and sizes.

Site enjoys 24/7 state of the art manufacturing with automation and essential ancillary equipment for highly competitive markets.

The Company's strong manufacturing base is bolstered by the use of computer-assisted stock control computer in real time, linked to your sales order processing system. This sophisticated system networked computing ensures that the business effectively and efficiently meets the rigorous demands of its customers.

Strata guarantees the quality of its products, offering the market a continuous and different series of all kinds of essential products for the home, office and garden.

All product development is carried out in-house. Strata's product development program is in course and the Company's extensive knowledge of the market is incorporated into this process. In addition to developing products for the general market.