A new feeling


With a focus on quality, innovation and performance, Daewoo prides itself on its customer service values. Today, Daewoo is creating high-quality consumer goods for some 150 countries and remains a recognized brand around the world.

Daewoo offers innovative, high-performance home appliances. As a result of being committed to high standards, Daewoo is one of Korea's most beloved and powerful brands. Research and development are at the core of our business. Daewoo takes a strategic approach by combining decades of industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology. We are continually exploring innovative ideas to improve functionality in everyday use.

Daewoo offers customer-optimized products using its innovative technology and unique products. Always doing everything possible to help its users to be able to enjoy a more comfortable, relaxed and accessible life with its own future-oriented technology.

Your lifestyle and how home appliances create emotions that you share with those loves. We understand them and offer optimal solutions and new emotions with technology, innovation and the constant search for a better life, facilitating the daily life of the consumer.

Plays an active role in the technological development of Latin America aiming to be the company leader in quality technological products.