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Innovation you can be sure of.

We provide sustainable energy, appliances,
lighting and reliable electronics for the home.

The measure of a pro

Dedicated to building better communities.

A new feeling

Quality and effiency in each product.

You push the button, we do the rest.

Capture moments with us.

Be yourself. Have confidence.

Live an active life. Every day.

You take it. We do.

We create beautiful tools to capture
life's meaningful moments.

Be Essential

Unique designs for a unique personality.

Fitness Equipment

The latest in fitness equipment and accesories.

The Power Of You

Bicycles are our passion.

Home And Garden Products For Worldwide Markets

The best products for your home, office and garden.

Premium Padel

We Develop Professional Padel
Equipment And Sportswear

Precision in every movement

Where Quality Becomes
A Brand

We create products
that bring people together

A fresh take on compression
and kinesiology tape products