It is a prestigious name and brand due to the success story built by its creator. Kenneth Cole is a visionary whose imagination and determination allowed him to build a company that for more than 30 years it has remained one of the most recognized fashion empires around the world.

You never realize how much you appreciate your bed until you lose an hour of sleep. For more than 35 years, Kenneth Cole has sought to make a significant impact in our communities and our business with a focus on civil liberties, public health and sustainability. Our line of bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and furniture products are designed with these factors.

The Kenneth Cole line offers: Mirrors, Mattresses, Pillows, Cushions, Blankets, Quilts, Sheets, quilts, slippers and more. Also a line of bathroom games and accessories. Kitchen sets and accessories, TV trays, coffee tables, living room, coffee tables, side tables and much more.

Housewares from Kenneth Cole and REACTION are a complement natural for the shoes and bags for which they are famous.

The Kenneth Cole line of housewares allows for a broader reach of influence as consumers identify Kenneth Cole as the source of the "urban-aspirational" fashion.

In addition to being recognized for the creativity and originality of his designs, Kenneth Cole He is a great militant at the social level who on more than one occasion has stressed that "it is better to be recognized by what you carry in your soul than by what you carry in your body”.